“A business degree can’t do that. But you can”

kali .jpg
“You don’t have to have the perfect background to follow your dream. Forget the business degree and the overachieving resume. What you need is strong work ethic, a positive support system, and faith in yourself. That’s it. If you have those three things, you are unstoppable. You can run a business, chase after the impossible, and create your empire. A business degree can’t do that. But you can.”
—Kali Rogers, Founder/CEO & HuffPo Blogger
After a breakup and its attendant quarter life crisis, Kali felt aimless for 2 years, but not all who wander are lost. Some start stunning companies. With #hustle, a passion for helping others, and a contagious laugh, Kali started “Blush”, an online coaching platform for girls. Kali now employs 5 other coaches and helps women everywhere navigate through life’s curveballs using skype. @JoinBlush
Her name’s pronounced Cali. She moved to California last year, she jokes: “to fulfill her dream of becoming a walking cliché. Kali in Cali. Go team.”
#KaliRogers #BlushCoaching #HuffingtonPost

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