“I dreamed of what it would be like to wake up beautiful”

“I dreamed of what it would be like to wake up beautiful, only to realize that was a pipe dream. That led to dreaming up ways to go to sleep myself. And not wake up.” –Jenna Lyons

Lenny Letter made a Lenny convert out of me, thanks to the brilliant piece by Jenna Lyons. Jenna wrote about her self-doubt and despair after pretty girls called her “gross” for having a rare genetic disorder that led to skin scars.

In 7th grade, Jenna took a home economics class and learned to sew. Tall and skinny, she could never find clothes that fit. So she made herself a skirt with watermelon print. Then the coolest girl at school asked if she could make her one too.

Now, Jenna is the creative genius behind JCrew’s success.

Now, Jenna is the “Woman Who Dresses America”.

And now, Jenna remains humble and beautiful…

Now “nervous young girls and even boys actually ask to take photos with me. They apologize for interrupting me. People. Don’t apologize for asking. It’s the MOST flattering request in the world. It makes me feel special. The opposite of gross. So, thank you.”

No, thank you, Jenna Lyons. Thanks for your beautiful and encouraging words. And all the other beauty you’ve inspired.

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