“Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat”


I have been woman
for a long time
beware my smile
I am treacherous with old magic
and the noon’s new fury
with all your wide futures
I am
and not white.
–Audre Lorde: award-winning black lesbian poet feminist warrior

Lorde’s fiery poetry became prolifically published in the ‘70s, while she was also politically active in the civil rights and fem movements. She confirmed her lesbian identity while spending a year abroad at Mexico’s national university (UNAM) when she was 20. One of the most unique parts of her story was her quest to expand her worldview of feminism beyond the U.S. She spent many years in Berlin, where she empowered black German women to fight against their own racist society, “the Black German women…offer some insights into the complexities of a future global feminism.” She died of breast cancer in ’92 after fearlessly fighting it for over a decade.

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