“We want to own land”

“The men say that if we are against FGM (female genital mutilation), we are against our culture, but that is not true. We are not against our culture; only the bad parts that hurt us…FGM is part of our culture, but so is our music, which gives us strength and happiness.” –Rebecca Lolosoli

In 1990, Rebecca spoke out for women that were raped by British soldiers, which resulted in local men beating her. When her own husband didn’t defend her, she left him and started Umoja with a group of rape survivors. Umoja is a women-only community in Kenya that now serves as a refuge for girls running away from child marriage, FGM, rape and domestic abuse. The women view economic autonomy as crucial to their livelihood. They worked for their own land and school and are raising money for scholarships, teachers’ salaries and fresh water.

“The rights we want:
We want to choose our husband
We want to own land
We want to go to school
We don’t want to be cut anymore
We want to make decisions
We want respect in politics, to be leaders

We want to be equal”
– Rebecca Lolosolirebecca.jpg

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