“I knew very early that I would practice law”

“I knew very early that I would practice law. We were always in court for child support. My mom would tell me, ‘This is the place where they make things right.’ I knew that I wanted to be a part of that.” –Kim Foxx
Kim Foxx
Kim’s running for chief law enforcer of the 2nd largest county in the U.S (Cook County, Chicago). Raised by a single mom in the projects, she spent 6 months homeless when her mom couldn’t make ends meet.
Her experience growing up drives her mission to restore a sense of justice to one of the most distressed and racially segregated counties in the nation.
After law school, she became a guardian, helping children navigate the justice system after many had been abused and neglected. She then spent 12 years prosecuting & supervising over 500 criminal cases. She most recently served as Chief of Staff for Toni Preckwinkle, the county’s board pres. There, she’s been the lead architect of the criminal justice reform agenda. She’s also the Illinois Board Pres for #PlannedParenthood. “If you don’t address the conditions that get you there and only are reacting, we’re gonna keep battling these issues of violence in those neighborhoods.”

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