“..the outcome is not clear, but we find ourselves in a situation where the turmoil will exist regardless”

Written by: Amy Hermalik

Whoever wins, in light of the fact that Trump is doing so well:

(1) The fact that hate speech is being rewarded or disregarded is deeply saddening on levels upon levels upon levels.

(2) There are people watching these returns who feel scared for their actual safety and the safety of their loved ones as they watch this. My heart aches for them and the fact that they are going through that. We are putting them through that. It’s scary that we’re willing to allow that, to do that.

If you feel scared, you have allies. There are many, many people who love you and will fight for you. That’s little solace now and it is wrong and unfair that you are in a position where that needs to be said, but you are not alone.

(3) There are people watching this who are being told that, to A LOT of people in this country, they don’t matter/aren’t a consideration *at best*.

If you feel like that, there are also A LOT of people who care about you and they will stand with you.

(4) As a woman, this means something to me about where women stand in this country and how deep and hidden and ingrained and accepted our sexism is. This race already saddened me because it had already laid that bare, but this drives home that it’s even greater than I thought. That hurts.

(5) Buried in all of this- it feels like there’s a chance to possibly change the political system in a revolutionary *positive* way going forward. And even deeper in all of this, a chance to confront deeply ingrained problems in our society and *transform* our society for the better. (That will require that we summon all of our better angels and that millions of people work to make it happen, and it will require forming new coalitions across former dividing lines, but it is possible… in turmoil lies the chance for positive transformation.) It is scary because we have to go through turmoil to get there and the outcome is not clear, but we find ourselves in a situation where the turmoil will exist regardless. Burying our heads in the sand or deferring the choices to others or some later point in time won’t help. We need to do what we can *now* to ensure that what emerges on the other side of turmoil is a better, more just country.

Whatever the election results, we need to dig down *deep*, find the type of love that unites us all and accomplishes great things, love *everyone* with depth and ferocity, and let that fuel us and our actions and choices.

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