“…we will still rise.”


“I need extra prayers sisters and brothers. The opposition cannot fathom to see a Palestinian Muslim American woman that resonates with the masses. Someone whose track record is clear and has always stood up for the most marginalized. They have a coordinated attack campaign against me and it’s vicious and ugly. It’s not the first time, but it’s definitely more intense – the fact that my children see it is what is bothering me the most.

They will not succeed. I have helped build a movement, I am ready for what’s to come so they can spew alternative facts and piece a twisted narrative together if they want – I and we will still rise.

We have never been outnumbered, we have only been out organized. That changed this weekend – and they are not having it. We are ready to move the masses towards justice for all of us. We can do it. 
Prayers up 🙌🏽”

— Linda Sarsour, Civil Rights Activist, Community Organizer and Co-Organizer of the historic Women’s March on Washington


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