Delhi’s Bullet Ranis

“I have been riding a bike for more than ten years now. People ask me, Bindi lagake kaise bike chalati ho?” (After getting married, why do you ride a bike?). People have preconceived notions that if you are a woman rider, then you must wear leather jackets, boots, and should be bisexual. We should break away from these stereotypes.” – Leena Biswas

Two-wheeled vehicles are a transportation norm in India, but most girls get around on scooties, a type of Vespa-like motor scooter that doesn’t have gears and isn’t very powerful. If a woman is riding on a motorcycle, she’s usually behind a man. “Eve-teasing”, an Indian-English term for harassment, has become ubiquitous in conversations about the status of women in the country, which has seen its gender inequities become a global issue. In male-dominated Delhi, public spaces can be scarily devoid of women, especially at night. But along with dozens of other ladies, Leena, a doctor in Delhi, is redefining expectations of how women exist in these spaces. Working with an an NGO called Breakthrough India, Leena and her sisters have participated in several all-female motorcycle rides in India’s capital over the past year, bucking tradition and articulating what Indian womanhood looks like in 2017.

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